The story

These scars are from my leg lengthening surgery when I was five or six years old. I am now 30 years old and the scars have not faded.

I have never disliked my scars. They are part of me and are a reminder of what the human body and mind is able to endure.

I am a swimmer and I do get comments and stares. I leave my towel as near to the poolside as possible. In the water I feel free as the scars are hidden.

I wouldn’t change my scar. I have been given the option of aesthetic surgery, but I am not interested. I would lose part of who I am. They create curiosity from others and cause me no harm.

I wouldn’t say they are beautiful or ugly – they just are.

They have beauty whin I reflect on the shaping part of who I am today.

Confident, authentic, humbled.

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