The story

I’ve got a couple of scars; one is on my leg and the other is a TB vaccination scar. I was on a family holiday as a child, I was just running through a field of, like, wheat, it was a sunny day. Me and my sister were just skipping along, then obviously got a bit fast and fell, and then must have fallen on the rocks. It was bleeding and it hurt a lot. I’m quite a wimp, so there was tears and the skipping stopped.

I remember there was a french woman and she had to scrub the wound, to make sure there was no grit in it, my mum said she was really glad she was there, because there was no way she would have been able to scrub my leg. I’d probably would have kicked off and started screaming.

I don’t think anyone can really see it unless I’m on the beach or something, no one would really see it.

It’s not very large. It’s quite pale, because my skin is quite pale.

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