The story

I don’t have many scars. I’m not sure if it’s due to luck or it just shows how risk averse I am.

Maybe it’s a combination of both – so far I’ve not had any major surgery due to health issues and things like extreme sports I prefer to watch rather than practice.

I have a tiny scar on my right leg. I was bitten by an unknown insect (I wish I could say it was a venomous spider, but most likely it was a common mosquito) in Mexico. When I got back to the UK it got badly infected and had quite a nasty looking wound. I’m not very patient with the skin’s healing process so in an attempt to accelerate things I kept picking my scab. I probably made things worse so eventually I was left with this scar.

Would you change your scars if you could?

The scar doesn’t bother me, but I wish it was a different story behind it. Scars are funny. Most of us try to avoid them, but if you are going to get any at least let it be an exciting or funny story, cool badge of honour to talk about. Mine is just a badly healed wound caused by a mosquito bite and user’s fault.

Do people notice your scars?

Sometimes, especially at the beginning of the summer when I wear shorts and my sun tan is nowhere to be seen.

How do you feel about your scar?


I should have just let it heal.

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