The story

I got my scar when I fell on a hot pipe as a baby.

My mum had left me on a big bed with pillows all round. She thought I would be safe, but I managed to roll off.

I have other hang-ups about how I look but the scar on my face doesn’t bother me.

Four words to describe my scar: small, faint, smooth, shiny.

I would say people noticed my scar more when I was younger. Occasionally people would say – what have you done to your face? They would mistake my scar for a bruise.

I remember a builder on a building site shouting out loud – did your boyfriend hit you round the face? I shouted back – No! It’s a scar from when I was a baby.

I wouldn’t change my scar, not at all. I’ve never really been bothered by it.

Where am I on my emotional journey with my scar? At a stage of acceptance, I would say. It’s part of me.

It doesn’t affect my confidence.

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